Keep Your Smile Glowing Every Time You Place Your Fingers on the Keys

25 September 2019
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Music is food for the soul and a mind refresher. If you have a piano at home, you need to know some of the basic maintenance practices to keep it in good condition and enjoy playing it for a longer time. However, most people don't take piano tuning seriously or even know when it's due. Though piano tuning is an inconvenience to some people, it's a process a piano player shouldn't undermine. Get a professional piano tuner to tune your musical instrument regularly, especially if you play it a lot, live in a humid area or if it's new. See why professional piano tuning is a must:

They Prevent Serious Damage

A piano is a complicated musical instrument, and all its pieces work together to produce quality sound and make it more entertaining. Its strings may go out-of-tune more quickly when it's poorly tuned. Professional piano tuners know what to do to keep the piano's string tension constant and correct. Professionally tuned strings keep your piano healthy, and they don't damage the neighbouring pieces.

You Get Relevant Maintenance Advice

According to most professional piano tuners, many pianos develop problems that require tune-ups when being moved or due to weather or time factor. Though it's hard to avoid some of these factors, a professional piano tuner should help you know what you should do to keep your piano properly tuned. For instance, you shouldn't place your piano near the doors or windows or any other area that receives high outdoor humidity levels. If you do, your piano will often go out of tune. Professional piano tuners also help you know how you should transport the instrument and still keep its strings intact.

You Save Money

Whether you play your piano every day or three days a week, tuning it is a must. The value of any piano depreciates significantly if it's not regularly tuned. If you haven't tuned your piano for about two years now, it will demand corrective treatments or tunings. Double tuning and pitch-raising may cost you more money if it's over a year or two since you tuned your piano.

Though your piano sounds fine, it could be developing some problems that only professional tuners can detect. Scheduling regular piano tuning is crucial since they fix the developing problems early. Professional piano tuners will first listen for harmony, test the octaves and check single notes before they tune your musical instrument.