Two types of occasions for which you might want to rent an instrument

9 April 2021
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If you're somewhat musical but don't own any instruments, here are some occasions for which you might want to rent one or two.

A camping trip with friends

If you're going on a camping trip with friends, it might be worth renting a couple of instruments beforehand. Instrument rental companies usually have plenty of instruments that would be suitable for a trip like this (such as, for example, harmonicas and acoustic guitars).

Taking some rented instruments on this trip could make many aspects of the camping experience more fun and memorable. You could, for example, bring out these instruments when all of you are sitting around the campfire and either perform for your friends (if you feel comfortable doing so) or ask everyone to join in and have a sing-along. During those inactive periods of the trip when, for instance, you've all returned from a fishing excursion and are just relaxing and resting by the tents, you could whip out your rented harmonica and fill the sleepy silence with some soothing tunes.

It's best to rent the instruments for this camping trip if you only occasionally indulge your musical side and are unlikely to play these instruments with any regularity when you return home. In terms of choosing which instruments to rent, the aforementioned ones are ideal; the guitar will be the perfect instrument for playing classic campfire songs in the evenings, whilst the harmonica will be small enough for you to stow in a pocket and play whilst you're out fishing or hiking near the camping spot.

A birthday party

A birthday party is another excellent occasion on which to use a rented instrument. Not only can you use it when singing "Happy Birthday" to the person whose birthday it is, but it can also be the accompaniment when the party-goers need some music to dance and sing to. If you're confident about playing in front of people, you could even do a solo performance and play the birthday person's favourite song, as a gift to them.

If you do this, you should keep a close eye on the rented instrument throughout the party, as the boisterous guests may try to pick it up and play it whilst they're dancing or might leave it on the buffet table. The former might lead to them dropping it, whilst the latter could result in wine or birthday cake getting splattered over it. As such, to ensure you can return the instrument in the same condition it was in when it was rented to you, you may need to hold onto it throughout the celebrations.

To learn more, contact an instrument rental company.