Three Practical Reasons You Should Try Instrument Rental

7 April 2020
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Instrument rental is a concept that you may not have considered before, but there are good practical reasons to rent a musical instrument on a monthly or weekly basis. This short guide explains a few of them. Try Something New Taking up new hobbies as an adult can be expensive and time-consuming, but instrument rental can take some of that stress off your shoulders. Perhaps you have no idea what instrument you want to play and would like a low-stakes way to try a few different ones. Read More 

Keep Your Smile Glowing Every Time You Place Your Fingers on the Keys

25 September 2019
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Music is food for the soul and a mind refresher. If you have a piano at home, you need to know some of the basic maintenance practices to keep it in good condition and enjoy playing it for a longer time. However, most people don't take piano tuning seriously or even know when it's due. Though piano tuning is an inconvenience to some people, it's a process a piano player shouldn't undermine. Read More 

How to Improve Your Tone: A Guide For Clarinetists

6 July 2016
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There are few things as beautiful in this world as a clarinet being played well; if you are just starting out on a Buffet Clarinet R13 and hope to achieve the full, rich tone that make the pros sound so heavenly, read on for some tips on how exactly to achieve that. After all, it's important to get it right from the start so that you don't pick up any bad habits that need to be broken further along in your development as a player. Read More 

A Few Important Things to Remember When Buying Your First Used Piano

29 March 2016
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Buying your first piano may seem like a daunting task, but once you have that piano in your home and can play and practice whenever you want, it will be worth the time and effort! Buying a used piano isn't something you should do too quickly, as you need to ensure that you opt for the right one for your home and that you know what's involved with buying a piano, so note a few important tips before you shop. Read More